Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ghost Investigation

Not long ago my W.I.G.S. buddy Paula was playing around with her digital recorder and caught an interesting EVP in her own home. EVP stands for electronic voice phenomenon. It sounded like a small child's voice, speaking in a sing-song voice, as though reciting a nursery rhyme.

Around that same time, she set up a camcorder in her bedroom, with a full view of her bathroom. During the night, the camcorder caught the image of a shadow figure in her bathtub. It was all creepy enough to warrant an investigation.

The investigation of Paula’s place took a little over 2 hours, including set up and breakdown. We wanted to see if we could capture more EVPs, as well as try to debunk the photo of the shadow in her bathroom. We set up a camcorder in her bedroom, facing the bathroom. In the original photo, there is a dark shadow in the shape of a head that looks to be peeking out over the edge of the bathtub. We thought that maybe the shadow could be caused by the back shadow of the camcorder, or maybe a shadow caused by a passing car. We tried moving the camcorder in different locations to try and replicate the shadow. Nothing we did could replicate the same shadow even closely. So we set the camera up and left it running while we investigated the rest of the house.

Since Paula had picked up EVPs that she felt were coming from the bathroom, we left a digital recorder running on the sink in the bathroom. Then, we headed downstairs to the living room.

Paula stated that she had caught movement in her peripheral vision on a couple of occasions and once felt a presence in the room with her. We did an EMF sweep and a temperature reading. We did not get any spikes. We sat down on the sofa and made ourselves comfortable. We began a EVP session, with questions of the nature: "Can you tell us your name?", "Do you live here?", etc. We spent about half an hour in the living room. We both agreed that neither of us got any feeling that there was anything there. Paula took several pictures, and we proceeded into the kitchen.

While in the kitchen, we did an EMF and temperature sweep, and began a EVP session. Paula stated she had never had any experiences in the kitchen, but then, she doesn't really spend a whole lot of time in there either. (Paula is no cook!). We spent maybe fifteen minutes in the kitchen. Paula took a few shots but we were getting a lot of light in from the neighbors place and they came home while we were asking questions, so we headed upstairs.

While we were going up the stairs, Paula cautioned me about a loose step second from the top, I instinctively threw out my hand and knocked a picture off the wall. Luckily, it did not break, but it was a good reminder of how careful we need to be when investigating other people’s homes.

I took up my position in the bathroom, sitting on the edge of the tub. There was already a digital recorder going, but I went ahead and did an EVP session anyway. Paula went across the hall and sat on the floor in her bedroom. She started taking pictures and asking questions from there. I spent about fifteen minutes in the bathroom then joined Paula in the bedroom. I made myself comfortable on the bed, and we began an EVP session in there. we spent a half an hour in the bedroom and decided to call it quits. We turned on the lights and began breaking down the equipment.

Afterward we talked about how we did and I headed home. Paula called me the next day to tell me she had caught a couple of things on the digital recorders. While I was in the bedroom, I had asked if someone could give me three knocks, and I demonstrated with three knocks of my own. On the digital recorder we had left in the bathroom, there are three soft knocks in response. We did not get any thing on the digital recorders on the bedroom where we were. At one point all of the digital recorders, recorded several seconds of static. We were not moving around, or making any sort of noise at that point, so we don't know why that happened. Toward the end of the two hours, we caught a small EVP of what sounds like a little girls voice. Both Paula and I caught it on our digital recorders. Paula has decided to continue with the EVP sessions in the future to see if anything new develops.

As I was typing this blog entry, Paula sent me an email. She had sent the EVP recording to Mark and Debby Constantino, two well known paranormal investigators specializing in EVP work. They cleaned the recording up a bit, and sent it back with their interpretation. According to the Constantino's, the voice is saying, "My place, Mother." Is that just so totally creepy, or what?

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