Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Gold Hill Hotel, The Investigation - Part 2

The Oscar party was winding down when we made it back to the hotel. We met the resident cat who took it upon herself to act as our unofficial escort as we wandered around the outside of the hotel. We stopped for a quick peek into the the hotel bar. Every inch of the ceiling and walls of the bar is covered with dollar bills. Most of them decorated and signed by patrons, I imagine.

Around 10:00 pm, most of the party goers had gone, and things were quiet enough for us to begin our investigation. We turned on the camcorder and digital recorder in room 5, turned out the lights, closed the room, and went next door. While Paula turned on the camcorder in room 4, I once again did an EMF sweep. I didn't find any changes from earlier readings. We placed a K2 meter on the bed, we turned out the lights and began our EVP session. I took a few photos, none of which turned up any thing. Neither Paula or I got the impression of paranormal activity in this room. After about 50 minutes, we thanked "William" and moved on to room 4.

One thing we had immediately noticed after checking in, was that there is a significant slant to room 4. There is probably a 6" incline from the doorway to the foot of the bed. Upon inspection we saw that the head of the bed was blocked up by several 2x4s. Later that night, I kept jolting awake by a sensation of falling every time I rolled over, due to the trendelenburg position I was lying in. With the lights off, we experienced a slight sense of vertigo, especially when trying to take pictures, or walk around the room. We did not smell anything out of the ordinary, no scent of roses (other than the hotel soap), no sounds, no response to our questions, Paula thought she saw a shadow behind me near the top of the balcony door. We spend another 45 minutes in room 4 then decided to head on downstairs to the Great Room.

It was in the 2nd floor hallway when I first noticed the smell. Just a whiff of something. I looked at Paula, she gave no indication of anything out of the ordinary. Okay, so maybe that Indian taco she had eaten earlier combined with her dried fruit snacks were beginning to work their magic. Out of politeness, I shrugged it off. At the foot of the stairs headed down into the Great Room, I smelled it again. Oh great, I was going to have suffer through the rest of the evening while she contaminated my airspace with her silent gastric bombs.

After Paula set up a camcorder and digital recorder at one end of the Great Room, she did an ambient temperature reading of the entire room, while I did an EMF sweep. We began an EVP session, inviting any spirits to communicate with us, touch us, respond to our knocks, etc. I took a few photos, with nothing showing up. While Paula and I were wandering around the foot of the stairs, she suddenly spoke up, "I keep getting smelling something, smells like barbecue or something." She headed over to the entrance of the restaurant, sniffing around. Okay, so maybe it wasn't the Indian taco after all. As I stood there debating whether or not to tell her of my earlier suspicion, I suddenly got very chilled. Paula experienced the same thing when she walked back toward me. We checked the temperature readings, but by then the feeling had past. We sat down on one of the sofas and began another EVP session, but ended up just chatting. we called it quits around around 1:30 a.m.

We spent an uneventful night in our rooms, got up in the morning and headed home. Over the next week, we looked at the video, still photography, and audio recordings. We were able to debunk most of the light anomalies, and radio interferences from passing cars, along with some sounds that were just us chattering. We did capture one EVP that we could not explain, however. Toward the end of the night we were sitting on the sofa near the stairway. Paula had left a digital recorder running at the other end of the room. The recording picked up our muffled conversation from across the room and a single very clear word, closer to the recorder: "money". Paula uploaded a copy of the recording if you are interested in hearing it, go to: and click on videos. Paula has posted both the original and a cleaned up version.

All in all, it was a great trip. We learned a lot about investigating. There is still a lot we need to learn. We are headed back up to Gold Hill this weekend, we are going to be investigating the Miners Cabin. Jessie will be along with us on this trip. It should be fun. If we get up there before dusk, we plan on checking out the cemetery.

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