Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series

TMCC is offering a series of eight classes this Fall for the fledgling paranormal investigator, beginning this month and running through October. The series includes:
Paranormal Investigator I on Sept. 12,
Paranormal Investigator II on Sept. 19 and 26,
Psychic Ghost Hunting Tools on Sept. 22 and 29,
EVP Recording the Voices of the Dead on Oct. 3,
Downtown Virginia City Ghost Hunt on Oct. 10,
Scientific Tools to Evaluate the Paranormal on Oct. 22,
Religion and the Paranormal on Oct. 27 and the
St. Mary's Arts Center Ghost Hunt on Oct. 30.

The instructor for Paranormal Investigator I and II will be Janice Oberding: historian, author and paranormal investigator. I attended a lecture she gave about the history of the Cal-Neva Lodge. She is an interesting and knowledgeable lecturer, and for that reason I went ahead and signed up for the series. I am unfamiliar with the other instructors, but it's all good. One can never have enough knowledge or a different perspective on something already learned. Besides, there is several opportunities to investigate, and you just can't get better than that!

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