Thursday, October 1, 2009

Psychic Tools for Ghost Hunting

Sometimes I get into too much of a rush, especially when I am excited about something. I'm one of those people that tear off packaging and throw it, along with the instructions, away in my rush to play with a new toy. Invariably, I'm also one of those people that you see digging through the dumpster later on in an attempt to retrieve soggy, coffee-ground stained directions. When I signed up for the ghost series, I was in a rush. What I thought I read as "Tools for Ghost Investigating" was actually "Psychic Tools for Ghost Investigating". Um...big difference. I'm not a particular fan of psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and what have you. I admit, I'm prejudiced in that way. I lump them all together with palmists, tarot card readers and shady old ladies with crystal balls seeking to part you with your hard earned money. So, while I try to keep an open mind about things, I approached this class with reserve. 

Maureen Hepner, the instructor for this class is a local psychic who seems very genuine in her beliefs. She was warm, open and outwardly, very normal appearing. I liked her from the start. Okay, grant you, she spoke about communicating with spirit guides and visualizing grounding oneself with ropes to the earths core and roses of protection and a whole bunch of other stuff I had no clue about, but it was all very entertaining. The purpose of the class was to develop our intuition and (Jeez, I can't believe I'm writing this stuff!) discover our own personal spirit guides by learning to open our chakas.

The first night of this class we worked on our enegy fields and did an excersise in visualization. Our homework was to go home and continue this work so that next week we can make contact with our spirit guides. While I had fun invading personal space and being invaded (Eww!), I had problems with the visualization. All I could see was the backside of my eyelids (reddish, with a white aura). I had better plan on putting in some time with this if I want to find a spirit guide of my very own.

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