Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon

What's with all the vampire movies and television shows nowadays? Don't get me wrong, I love vampire movies. Like every other girl in the world, I like horses and the sexy undead. However, I prefer the Anne Rice/Brad Pitt sort of vampire. Eric Northman on True Blood is pretty hot too. (Getting the idea that this girl likes bad boys?) The Twilight movies and the Vampire Diaries TV series are a little too teen crush for my tastes, what with all that "noble young vampire wanting to be good" story line. (Gag!), but then again, the books were written for a juvenile audience. Still I feel that to truly appreciate the full scope of vampirism, one needs to check out the earlier vampire flicks: Bella Lugosi and later, Christopher Lee. Now those dudes were truly horrifying as well as compelling. Here's the thing, the idea of eternal life, and the severe costs that come with it: the monstrous acts they are forced to commit to sustain themselves, the long lonely eons stretched out before them, never again to feel the sun warm their face, to feel love, be loved, these are the things the story line is getting at, not just about finding the one true love that will save the creature. Maybe that's what teenage girls find so compelling about these sorts of movies: the idea that love, their love, can save the creature; that someone needs them above and beyond all else. That they alone are special. Whatever the case may be, Mariah is bugging me to take her to see New Moon, and I will oblige her. Ever young girl deserves her fantasy, and let's face it, Edward Cullen is hot.

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