Thursday, March 11, 2010

What Not To Wear

Yesterday Paula, my friend and fellow paranormal investigator, and I had a conversation that went something like this...

Paula: Did you catch____the other night, they did a live feed on an investigation.
Me: No. Was it any good?
Paula: It was hilarious. There was this female investigator wearing a red dress, and with the IR cameras, it looked like she was walking around in her underwear.
Me: No!
Paula: Yeah!
Me: No!
Paula: I swear!
Me: How did that happen?
Paula: She was wearing red.
Me: So?
Paula: Well, with the IR, red is a neutral color, it disappears on film.
Me: That doesn't sound right.
Paula: Yep, red clothes vanish. It was like watching an xray.
Me: You sure it wasn't the material of the cloth?
Paula: Nope. It's the color red.
Me: I don't believe that.
Paula: Trust me, the woman looked like she was parading around in nothing more than her bra and panties....That and her high heels.
Me: She was wearing high heels?
Paula: Yep.
Me: In the dark?
Paula: Yeah.
Me: Bulls**t.
Paula: I'm telling you it's true.

Okay. So this went on from some time; and if you are thinking to yourselves, "Is she serious?" Yes, I am. Paula and I can entertain ourselves with mindless, meaningless topics for hours on end, one of the many reasons why we are such good friends.

The conversation ended with me declaring that I was going to put the "Invisible Red" theory to the test. Using myself as a guinea pig, I took IR pictures of myself wearing red. Since it was my contention that the material is what would cause the transparency, I tried different types of fabrics. The results? The color red did not disappear, it simply showed up neutral. Looked like I was wearing white. No transparency with cotton or rayon.
However, the picture I took of myself wearing a guazy 100% polyester top, showed up very sheer (incidently, this is not a red blouse. It's gray with black print). I could definitely see my undergarment as you can see in the photo. (No snickering! This is serious scientific work here, damn it!)

So, word of caution, ladies: before dressing to go out on that important investigation, take a moment and consider what you are wearing; stick to solid cotton tees unless you want to show off your underclothes. And for goodness sake, don't wear high heels to an investigation, I don't care if it is a live feed and you want to look purdy. Safety, people!

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