Friday, April 30, 2010

The Silverland Hotel Investigation - 3/19/2010

From all reports I have gathered, the Silverland has paranormal activity throughout. However, a large portion of the basement is closed off for renovation and it was in this area that W.I.G.s. decided to investigate.

The area under renovation consists of a large anteroom with doors leading out to the patio on the right and a hallway on the southeast corner which leads to several smaller meeting rooms off to the left and the restrooms toward the back. Since there were already a group of investigators in the back area of the basement, we walked down the hall and entered the first room.

I don't know if it was because we were coming from a light area into a dark area and our eyes didn't have to adjust, but this room was dark. Black dark. It was so disorienting that both Mona and I needed to step back out for a second. By this time there were several passersby (Sandi and Veronica), which we enlisted to enter the room. They experienced the same weirdness. Since Janice was in that same group, she urged us to all come and see the restrooms. 

The first thing we noticed walking into the restrooms, is that there are no stalls...just a row of toilets on each wall. I suppose this makes carrying on a conversation easier, and passing a roll of toilet paper is a snap.  Mona and I took up positions on the last two toilets while Brandi and Paula did some filming and Janice inspected toilets ...I think she was looking for residual hauntings. You gotta give it to her, that Janice is one helluva thorough investigator.

I did some dowsing with interesting results; the rods indicated there was a male in the room with us of Chinese persuasion. We all detected the smell of men's cologne, a musky, sandelwood scent. Was it ghostly in nature? I don't know. There were men investigators in and out of the bathroom throughout the night.

In the smaller meeting rooms, Brandi picked up the sound of a child's voice on her digital recorder. The dowsing rods were very active throughout the basement, but we questioned if the electrical wiring, internet and fire alarm systems were causing interference. Paula, the most tech savvy, felt it was a big possibility.

It was getting late, everyone else had pretty much retired for the evening, so after raiding the conference room for cookies we headed up to our rooms to go over our recordings during which I fell asleep. (Note to self: It's not a good idea to try and review data late at night while in a prone position). There were a few questionable light anomalies of some of the visuals we took, so we grabbed our gear and headed back downstairs to take a closer look at the areas in question. We found that the light anomalies were caused by the fire alarms reflecting the flash. That mystery solved, we called it a night around 1:30 a.m.

If there were any conclusions we came away with, I'd have to say that there were several things I could not explain:
-Several people, myself included experienced a rubbery leg sensation in the lobby area just outside of the conference room. The best way I can describe it is I felt as though I were standing on an overpass and I could feel the rumbling of traffic passing underneath me. Someone else described it like stepping onto solid ground after a long boat ride.
-The south wall of the basement has no electrical wiring, however the dowsing rods reacted very strongly in that area. There were also unexplained cold spots in the same area.
-There was no explanation for the scent of cologne; the four members of W.I.G.s. were the only people in the basement during that time.
-Some interesting audio data that needs further investigation.

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