Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Starry Night

'Twas 4 days before Christmas and all through the house, nothing was stirring, not even a mouse... and me up baking cookies, and the dog looking for handouts, and Mariah watching something strange on Adult Swim, and oh yeah, the stupid cat (she's in heat and making a racket)...
Okay then. Let's start this over. It's 12 midnight at the beginning of the Winter Solstice, and I'm up late alternately baking cookies, sipping on hot chocolate and wandering out onto the deck to enjoy the lunar eclipse. The storm blew through, leaving us with a clear and gorgeous night to view this celestial phenomenon. Reminds me that it's the little things in life...cookies, cocoa, a clear winter night, warm furry friends, and all the other little blessings that make me appreciate my wonderful life here on planet Earth.
Here's wishing everyone a very happy and safe holiday season.

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