Monday, January 17, 2011

An Evening At The Haunted St. Mary's Art Center

As hobbies go, paranormal investigating probably doesn't quite fit into the same category as, say, knitting. But as with any hobby, sooner or later, a person wants to share their interest with others, maybe encourage others to join in the fun, start a knitting circle, or something.

While I don't tend to broadcast the fact that I spend my free time ghost hunting, sooner or later, my penchant for haunted places leaks out to friends, family and acquaintances. On the surface, I get raised eyebrows from most, but given the opportunity (and nobody within hearing distance), these same scoffers will seek me out to learn more. See, I believe everyone harbors a guilty curiosity in the unknown, how else to explain the popularity of all those paranormal show out there? So, with this in mind, here's something for all you closet investigators:

Women Investigating Ghost Sighting (W.I.G.S) has teamed up with VC Paranormal to offer "An Introduction To Paranormal Investigating". Come spend the night with us at the St. Mary's Art Center in Virginia City. We will have equipment on hand and will guide you through your first investigation of the paranormal.
Cost: $40

Where and when:

St. Marys Art Center
55 North R Street
Virginia City , NV
Two nights are offered, February 19 and February 20, 2011. Check in at 3pm. Check out at 11am.

What to Bring:

A sleeping bag and pillow (these are going to be overnight investigations)
Camera (preferable one with "night shot")
Voice recorder
Flashlight (We do it in the dark)
KII or EMF meters, dowsing rods (if you have them)
Personal toiletries (there are bathrooms on every floor)
Food, drinks and snacks (you will have access to the kitchen, coffee maker and microwave)
Warm clothing and soft soled shoes.

Some rules:

St. Mary's has 4 floors and no elevators. You must be able to climb stairs.
Wear cotton fabrics, sheer fabric tends to disappear in IR lighting, so unless you want to be photographed in your bra...
There is no smoking in the building, bring a jacket if you need to step outside.
Please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne (If we can smell you before we see you, it's too much).
Be prepared to sign a waiver form to have your pictures posted online, as well as releasing W.I.G.S and St.Mary's of responsibility in case of injury.

So there you have it, come join our knitting circle.

For more information, contact: Paula at 775-322-4314

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