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Haunted St. Mary Louise Hospital

As an investigator, building solid relationships with site owners and managers of old haunted places is an important part of what we do. If a team is disrespectful, or leaves a site littered, chances are, they don't get invited back. Depending on the offence, the site might be closed to other teams as well.
Angela and Ron, the caretakers of the haunted St. Mary Louise Hospital in Virginia City have been avid supporters of the paranormal scene since moving there, opening their doors to para cons, lectures, tours and investigations. When Angela asked if she could post a blog about the paranormal events offered by St. Marys, I quickly agreed. Anyone who has met this wonderful couple knows these two are dedicated to the history and restoration of historically important site.

Haunted St. Mary Louise Hospital

Currently the official on site Property Managers for the Haunted St. Mary Louise Hospital the last 2 1/2 years, we have had several personal experiences to share. This historic property in Virginia City, NV, is now known as St. Mary's Art Center and quickly becoming a hot spot for Ghost Hunters.

At 14,000 square feet, four stories tall and resting on 5 1/2 acres of active land, the old hospital staff continue to loyaly perform their duties of the day.

The building was commissioned by Bishop Manogue from St. Mary's Church in Virginia City, NV, 135 years ago this year. The staff consisted of 6-7 sisters who resided in the attic and attended to the patients in the old public wards as well as the private rooms. These sisters were known as the Daughters of Charity.

The first patient was admitted on March 14, 1876 for Paralysis. On site Property Managers who have also been investigating the paranormal for the last 6 years, experience unusual phenomena on a daily basis.

Day or night, the spirits do not have a preference. Sounds such as heavy boots walking the halls and stairs, rolling of carts and gurney's (on hard wood however, the above floors are carpeted), marbles rolling on the wooden floors, ladies conversing down hallways or in other rooms, shadow figures have been seen regularly (even during the day), class A EVP's have been captured, phantom smells of rubbing alcohol, vomit, vapo rub, sterile scents, flowers, pipe tobacco, etc. have also been lurking the hallways and rooms. All of the above have happened to us, personally. The building rarely fails to communicate with not only us, but tourists and Paranormal Investigation teams as well.

Several impressive photographs have been captured by many tourists without any explanation. Batteries have a tendency to go dead really quickly in certain rooms and light anomolies as bright as a flashlight have been captured on film (and no, it was not a flashlight). Full body apparitions have been seen by me, the Property Manager inside the building as well as on the front lawn.

This historic building is now an Art Center with 5 art galleries. 15 guest rooms are available as well with 5 communal, modernized restrooms (there are no restrooms in the guest rooms), 2 kitchens with refrigerators and microwaves.

Have a Haunted Birthday Party, Paranormal Wedding, etc. here at the old hospital:) When we have events going on, the activity tends to become much stronger.

Group rentals are the best way to go however, on occasion we are able to rent guest rooms out to couples.

Private 2 hour Guided Ghost Tours are available by appointment only. The cost is $25 per person and our Property Managers will walk you thru the building utilizing some of their equipment, provide some history of the building and then let you explore on your own or with them. The Property Managers will always be on hand as they stay in the building during the tour. For more information on booking a Guided Ghost Tour of the old hospital, please email us at

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