Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's Halloween, Who You Gonna Call?

Fall is here in the Truckee Meadows and we have been blessed with wonderfully warm weather for the holiday weekend. Halloween is a busy time for our paranormal community, most groups have some sort of event planned. It seems to me that it is a common thought is that Halloween is a perfect opportunity to gain exposure, promote the field of paranormal investigation and educate the curious.

So why, on the eve of Halloween am I not out there hanging with my para buds converting the masses to the cause of seeking answers to age old questions? Because it's Halloween...and I am not willing to slap a "Kick Me" sign on my back for some drunken, snickering revelers seeking a little spooky thrill to take a swipe at. Really, take a ghost tour and you will inveribly hear references to proton packs and ectoplasmic slime.

Think about it...we are not taken seriously by most people. It's not so much that people find what we do ridiculous - I myself admit there are elements of the ridiculous in ghost investigating, BUT, for most of us within the paranormal community, the search for answers is real. Personally, for me, this is not the time of year to try and convince anyone else of the validity of paranormal investigation.

Maybe I'm judging a little too harshly; I'm sure that there are those few individuals who are sincerely interested in what we do - some investigators will give the arguement that, it is exactly for the sake of those few that they are willing to put up with a few drunken partyers at Halloween. If you, dear reader are among the aforementioned, please, forge on with your plans - but keep it in perspective. Be okay that you are, for this weekend, the means by which the masses can indulge a primal urge to face the spooky things that hide in the dark beyond the protective light of the communal fires. Have fun, laugh at their fear and walk bravely into the night.

Me? I would just as soon avoid the weekend wannabes and stay home handing out candy to the costumed little bast...uh, cherubs who will descend upon my doorstep like raging, mindless zombies in search of tasty brains. And if I want to don a grey jumpsuit and strap on my proton pack, I'm not going to feel ridiculous about doing so.

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