Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Holiday Season

Happy New Year! Here's hoping every one's holidays were full of blessings, in which ever way you chose to celebrate.
Santa was good to me this year. I took this shot with my new toy: a 35mm Sony Cybershot with an IR setting. Since we do a lot of our exploring in the dark, I really wanted to be able to capture a clear picture without flash; now I can.
Santa brought my friend Paula a KII meter for being such a good girl this year. Our arsenal of ghost hunting equipment keeps getting bigger. I appreciate the fact that, while our families may not truly understand our fascination with the paranormal, they are loving enough to help support our hobby.
Since cold and sometimes inclement weather limits us from exploring the Nevada back roads and ghost towns, we will hopefully be looking into investigating indoor hauntings during the first of the year. Indoors during the winter is a good thing. I like being warm. My first choice is to explore the reported paranormal activity of the Goldhill Hotel. I am anxious to try out our new equipment, and the Goldhill Hotel is fascinating to a history buff like myself.

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