Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series 2010

Today begins the much anticipated TMCC's Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series 2010. As a former participant, I highly recommend these classes to anyone interested in the unknown, the paranormal, local history, and psychic phenomenon. As always, Kathy Berry has put together a great line up. This year's classes include: UFO study, dream analysis, life after death, spirit communication, paranormal photography and videography, researching haunted locations, decoding tombstones, and a ghost hunt field trip to Buckland Station at Fort Churchill State Park. As an added incentive, TMCC offered an extra investigation of the Chism House to those who signed up for the entire series and enrolled early. Unfortunately, due to prior work and school commitments, I was unable to sign up for the entire series this year. However, I did manage to work 3 classes into my schedule and the Buckland Station investigation. The classes I am taking are:

Paranormal Photography and Videography with Anne and Sharon Leong.

Sharon spoke at the Virginia City ParaCon back in March, and she was wonderful. The Leong sisters are very knowledgeable in the field of image technology as applied to paranormal investigation. As the least tech savvy member of W.I.G.S, I can benefit with a class like this. When we show up for an investigation, the other members of my team unload suitcases full of equipment. The total of my equipment fits handily into a small shoulder bag. Wait. Now that I think about it, maybe that's not a bad thing.

Decoding Tombstones with David Davis

I signed up for this class just a couple of days ago. I hemmed and hawed and fiddled around with my schedule until my inner historian caved in and I rushed to enroll before I could talk myself out of it. David Davis is a wealth of Nevada historical knowledge, I know he won't disappoint me.

Ghost Hunt Field trip to Buckland Station with staff.

With "staff"? What's that about? I hate when programs are listed like this. I hate the uncertainty of not knowing. I want to know things. It's why I investigate. I had hoped to be in the group led by the ever divine diva, Janice Oberding, but the constraints of travel time following the photo/videography class nixed that. Pride Hansen is conducting an earlier, psychic led investigation, but I will be in class during that time. I guess I will settle for "staff".

Spirit to Spirit Communication with Pride Hansen.

A similar class was offered during last year's paranormal series. She had us searching for spirit guides. Nope, never found one. Ever the optimist, I signed up for this years class with hopes of tapping into my psychic self and openly communicating with the spirit world. We can have long drawn out discussions over coffee about the afterlife, past life, the meaning of life. Am I asking too much? Seriously though, I've been working a lot with dowsing rods this past year, and I really want to tap into the next level with that sort of energy. That and those psychic types are a hoot.

Even though the first lecture begins tonight, there is still time to sign up for the other classes if they are not full. I'm eyeballing that UFO class, if I can just get someone to work for me...

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